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The Russo Law Firm has been assisting the injured  of over 30 years.   

Attorney Nicholas Russo was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach. He has lived his entire life in Florida. From an early age he wanted to be an attorney like his father. At the University of Central Florida. Mr. Russo specialized and received a degree in Psychology. Strategically, because Mr. Russo’s goal was to become an attorney, he felt understanding the human mind and the human thought process would be of great benefit to his practice of law. 

Mr. Russo graduated with honors and was accepted to his first choice law school, The University of Florida Levin college of law. The same law school his father went to and graduated from twenty-five years prior. Nicholas took an active role in the law school community. He volunteered his time at the local nonprofit family law clinic helping those in need providing free legal help relating to family law. Mr. Russo also donated and volunteered his time and legal knowledge helping the community through First Assembly of Gainesville.  Nicholas is now an active member at Generation Church in Jupiter Florida.

Nicholas has three wonderful children and is happily married.

It is Mr. Russo’s goal to provide his clients with the best possible legal service. Mr. Russo strives to make his client’s legal process as uncomplicated as possible. He believes that his clients should be constantly updated about their case and have ample opportunity to speak with him directly if his clients ever have any questions or concerns.

We are here for you.

Why Choose The Russo Law Firm

With over 78,000 attorneys in the state of Florida, you can probably close your eyes, throw a rock and hit an attorney.  We get it.  You have choices!  Why choose us?  We are Christian based law firm.  Our yes is our yes and our no is our no.  You will get straight and true answers from us.  We work on all our cases with diligence and passion because for whatever we do, we are called to work with all our heart as if working for the Lord.  Colossians 3:23 (NIV).

We are here for you!

No Fee Unless You Win

In you have been injured, then we can help. We do not get paid unless we first make a recovery for you.

Mulit-millions in Recoveries

We have successfully assist clients in both large and small cases bringing in millions in total recoveries for our clients.

Thousands of Happy Clients

Having been in practice for over thirty years we have assisted thousands of clients achieving five star ratings on all major social media providers

3 Million in Credit Card Debt Dismissed

Having represented thousand of consumer being sued by debt collectors, The Russo Law Firm has gotten millions of debt dismissed without the clients paying the collector a penny

What Our Clients Say

I recommend them highly. They were courteous, helpful, professional and they kept you in the loop. I've got nothing but good things to say.
I could not have been more satisfied with the Russo Law Firm. They are a very professional, hard working and a trustworthy group of people. Five stars for the firm.
I highly recommend this law firm. Gary Russo is an outstanding lawyer & exceptionally good person. He really cares about his clients in a warm & caring way.
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