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$7 Million in Refunds to Consumers Harmed by Medical Discount Plans Sold as Health Insurance

The Federal Trade Commission is sending nearly $7 million in refunds to consumers who paid for health insurance but instead got medical discount plans pitched by Consumer Health Benefits Association (CHBA).

According to the FTC’s complaint against CHBA, related entities, and their owners, the company targeted consumers who searched online for information about affordable health insurance plans. CHBA telemarketers allegedly pitched consumers with a long list of false claims about the benefits of the discount plans, including that the plans were as widely accepted and would provide the same cost savings as legitimate health insurance companies, and also misled consumers about the company’s refund policies.

The FTC recovered almost $7 million pursuant to the terms of six final orders with defendants Guarantee Trust Life Insurance, Vantage America Solutions, Inc., Century Senior Services, Richard Holson, III, Barbara Taube, and Jeffrey BurmanRonald and Rita WernerJohn SchwartzLouis LeoWendi Tow; and Consumer Health Benefits Association, National Benefits Consultants LLC, National Benefits Solutions LLC, and National Association for Americans.

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