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Robocalls aren’t just a pain to get, they’re often pushing scams for things like fake auto warranties and debt relief. But scammy robocallers can’t do it alone. That’s why the FTC is taking action against Stratics Networks, a company that supplied the technology for telemarketers to make tens of millions of robocalls. But that’s not all — the FTC is also suing the debt relief companies that hired Stratics to make robocalls for their illegal debt relief services.

The FTC says that Stratics delivered illegal robocalls for a variety of telemarketers promoting offers for things like credit card and student debt reliefhome buyinghealth insurance, cable TV discounts, and for telemarketers playing on concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. Many robocalls were “ringless voicemails” — where your phone doesn’t ring but you get a voicemail with a robocall message.

Here’s what to know: a robocall trying to sell you something is illegal unless the company has your written permission to call you that way. Scammers use robocalls to get your money or your personal information so they can steal your identity. They might try to convince you the call is from the governmenttech support, or your auto warranty company. Don’t buy it. Even if the name or number on the caller ID looks real, it could’ve been faked.

If you get an illegal robocall:

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